Silent Hill Sanitarium Returns!!!

Silent Hill Sanitarium returns!!! It is dedicated to the plot study of Silent Hill. Plot guides for both the first and second game are now available. If you haven’t done so yet, finish the games before reading the guides! Everyone will enjoy it more thoroughly if the plot isn’t spoiled for them. ;-) Oh yeah, don’t forget to purchase Dan’s Silent Hill 2 strategy guide published by BRADYGAMES. It should be available soon.

The Safehouse returns as well with a new layout and even more Resident Evil Skins. New skins include RE2 Jill, RE2 Carlos Oliviera, RE1 Albert Wesker, and much more. I think everyone will enjoy the improvements made to the site and skins.

The Parasite Eve site opening is going to be delayed until the end of the week. Aya Brea is working very hard on it and wants it to look its best. It will be worth the extra wait. :-)